Colby College

Colby College
4000 Mayflower Hill Drive
Waterville, ME 04901-8840
Kennebec County
Located in:
Remote Town
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Colby College is a private liberal arts college in Waterville, Maine. Colby is one of the few universities known as "Little Ivy," or on par with the Ivy League in academic quality.
Colby has more than 50 specialties in more than 20 departments. The most popular majors are biology, economics, English, history, global studies, government and psychology. Colby's biology is in the top 10 percent in the country. More specifically, it is ranked 59th out of 983 schools by College Facts. It also ranked second in Maine.
Colby is an excellent school from an educational point of view. Most of Colby's classes are rigorous and require daily study to excel. The students here are very competitive.
All students, including freshmen, are allowed to have a car on campus and parking is available in the campus parking lot. All vehicles must be registered with the Security Department and have student parking tags displayed on the vehicles.
科尔比学院是缅因州沃特维尔市的一所私立文理学院。科尔比是少数几所被称为“小常春藤”的大学之一,或在学术质量上与常春藤联盟(Ivy League)持平的学校。
Colby在20多个院系拥有50多个专业。最受欢迎的专业是生物、经济学、英语、历史、全球研究、政府和心理学。科尔比的生物在全国排名前10%。更具体地说,它在College facts的983所学校中排名第59位。它在缅因州也排名第二。
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