Wesleyan University

Wesleyan University
卫斯理安大学, 维思大学
45 Wyllys Avenue
Middletown, CT 6459
Middlesex County
Located in:
Small City
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Wesleyan has distinguished alumni in the arts and sciences, literature, politics and government, business, journalism, and academia. Its alumni include 13 Pulitzer Prize winners, 14 Rhodes scholars, 3 Truman scholars, 3 Guggenheim scholars, 156 Fulbright Scholars, and 7 MacArthur Scholars. In addition, four Nobel Prize winners serve on the faculty of the University. < BR /> Wesleyan University has a student-faculty ratio of 8:1, with 74.2% of classes with fewer than 20 students. The most popular majors at Wesleyan include: social sciences; Psychology; Regional, ethnic, cultural, gender and group studies; Visual and performing arts; English Language and Literature/Literature; Physical Science; Biological and biomedical sciences; Multi-disciplinary research; History; Computer and Information Science and Support services.
卫斯理安大学(Wesleyan University)的师生比例为8:1,学生人数不足20人的班级占总人数的74.2%。卫斯理安大学最受欢迎的专业包括:社会科学;心理学;地区、种族、文化、性别和群体研究;视觉及表演艺术;英语语言文学/文学;物理科学;生物和生物医学科学;多/跨学科研究;历史;计算机和信息科学与支持服务。
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